Corporate Portal (Microsoft SharePoint)

Even in our increasingly electronic world, paper still abounds. Finding, sorting and physically moving physical documents are time and labour intensive – they are tasks that drag down productivity. There is also a deluge of unstructured information within organizations (in paper or electronic form), making information difficult to find, causing bottlenecks in business processes.

The lack of a robust system to manage content also results in versioning issues, where multiple “final” versions of documents are used by different parties, leading to misunderstandings on the latest policies, prices and more.

PleoData specializes in using Microsoft SharePoint Technology to help organizations maximize value from content, ensure the necessary permissions and enable the organization processes workflows. They address the challenges of managing large volumes of content, with the aim of aiding collaboration, regulatory compliance and business processes.

Intranet and Extranet Portals

We are experts in Microsoft SharePoint Portal consulting and conceptualization, architecting, implementing and supporting collaboration platforms on Microsoft SharePoint technology. We enable customers to rapidly respond to evolving market changes and demands by providing a one-stop information consolidation platform.

Utilizing Microsoft SharePoint Technology can maximize your business benefits with:

  • improved distribution of content
  • quick search results
  • rapid content retrieval
  • organization-wide access to up-to-date versions of documents
  • efficient business processes enabled by collaboration
  • reduced risk associated with compliance and regulatory mandates
  • lower operating cost with a unified structure
  • assured business continuity, with access to content in the event of disruption